Golden Deli first opened its doors as a Chinese, fast food buffet, hence the name Golden Deli. For a few years because the area was not as diverse as it is today, this small, reassuring restaurant- half the size that it is now- unable to turn a profit was about to close its doors. As a last effort, Golden Deli decided to introduce authentic homestyle Vietnamese food to the buffet. It turned out to be exactly what San Gabriel Valley needed as lines began to form. Fast forward to today, Golden Deli is still inspired to bring to you the same Original recipes. Pho, Vietnamese noodle noodle soup and fried egg rolls. What sets Golden Deli apart is that the pho is cooked low and slow in kettles (large industrial pots), until it develops its deep, robust flavor with a smooth and clean finish.

Golden Deli is dedicated to introducing the wide array of delicious, homestyle Vietnamese cuisine.

Visit Golden Deli for an introduction to homestyle Vietnamese food.

Golden Deli’s objective has always been to introduce the wide array of food to be had in the Vietnamese cuisine Golden Deli offers.

When Golden Deli first opened its door in 1981, its objective was to introduce the homestyle Vietnamese cuisine to an area not as diverse as it is today.

For four decades, Golden Deli has dedicated itself to introducing the wide array of homestyle Vietnamese cooking.